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Ready to get aboard an academic journey? Apply to your top choice universities with Flowmore! Working for years with students of every age, our team of skillful tutors has developed substantial experience in applications across a broad range of scientific fields.




+Extra module 
-Landing in the country +20€/h

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Finding the right program

In our fast-paced world, having one or more postgraduate degrees is becoming the norm. And the gazillion courses around makes it quite difficult to choose. This module is key to finding out what your real goals are and how your chosen degree will be able to serve them.

Writing the perfect CV and cover letter

No matter how well you might know the language, there are specific techniques to attract the attention of your reader and persuade them you are the right candidate.

Filling in and submitting the online application 

Another -at times rocky- stage of the road toward your dreams, is how to deal effectively with all these details. Cross-checking your application with our professionals is another push towards your shortlist.

Rocking the interview

Aaand congrats! You’ve got your response from the program of your dreams! Learn how to highlight your strong elements and your competences and show that you are the one for this position with practical tips for success!

+Extra module

Landing in the country

Do you need help with getting settled in your new place-to-call-home? From advice for accommodation to administrative issues, we are here to assist you.

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