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Whether you are applying for a position in a 5-star hotel, a technology start-up, or a local business, your level of English can help you stand out. Pursue your professional goals with online specialized classes tailored to every individual’s needs and aspirations.




+Extra module
-Negotiating the job offer +20€/h

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Looking for the right job

So many sites, so many employers, so many exciting positions to be filled! Understanding your needs, dreams and goals is a vital step to help you decide which job will make you want to leave your bed smiling in the morning!

Compiling a successful CV

Oh, that’s a long chapter! An inspiring, to-the-point CV is not just a list of your accomplishments, but your passport to the next shortlist. And a catchy personal statement is just the beginning!

Writing the perfect cover letter

So many professionals have very wrong ideas about what the HR person of the company they have applied at will be interested in learning about them. A successful cover letter is the additional second chance you get to shine. 

Thriving at the interview

Having an interview will always and forever be stressful, but knowing what you have to highlight and what to omit when presenting yourself, how to get positive attention and how to wind up the interview, makes you more confident and helps you really show why you deserve this job! 

+Extra module

Negotiating the job offer

Negotiating your salary, benefits or even your starting day at the new job always stresses professionals who endeavor to find a happy medium. We are here to help you put your diplomacy into practice and bargain successfully!

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