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Essential vocabulary and grammar, Organizing and conducting fruitful meetings, Successful negotiations, To-the-point presentations, Rock your small talk.



25€/h - 20€/h per person in a group

+Extra module
-Rock your small talk +15€/h (either individual or group)

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Essential vocabulary and grammar

Do you work in or interact with the sector? You might have got confused with the accounts payable or receivable. Do you need to use phrases such as cash flow and break-even? And what about liability and income statements? There are so many words and phrases as well as grammar indispensable to your day-to-day business!

Organizing and conducting fruitful meetings

Which language do you need to organize a meeting? How does the chair open and manage meetings flourishingly? How do participants get to have the floor? There are specific techniques and language to be used with accuracy to get a business meeting flow. And to follow up with the right minutes after it.

Successful negotiations

The art of negotiation is a skill learnt, and the right language is the means that will get you there! Right grammar, rich vocabulary and the right strategy and attitude are the keys to bring it off.

To-the-point presentations

PPTs (the well-known Power Point Presentations!) are a headache if you are not sure what to include/exclude from the mass of things you want to say to your audience, right? Learn how to pick and choose your content and how to create meaningful slides to get your message across. While having your audience excited!

+Extra module

Rock your small talk

Few people appreciate small talk and its power. “How can I approach that top Manager? How shall I present myself and what shall I talk about? Oh, I’ll never make it to booking that meeting with them!” are such usual thoughts of professionals who hesitate to make headway. Let us inspire you and show you the way!

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