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The political jargon, Public speaking, Successful negotiations, Arranging meetings and organizing events, Compiling analyses, op-eds, briefings, press releases.



30€/h person - 20€/h per person in a group

+Extra module 
-Compiling analyses, op-eds, briefings, press releases +15€/h (either individual or group)

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The political jargon

Politics has a specific language- briefings, recommendations, rapporteurs, shadows… it is a whole new world! And, unfortunately, it is only learned at the office, but with this course you can be well-prepared on your first day at that dream job.

Public speaking

That’s always very exacting if you don’t know what to include/exclude from the mass of things you want to bring to the attention of your audience! Get done with this hassle with our tips and tricks. 

Successful negotiations

“Let’s get down to business, shall we?”, “Let’s bargain”, “We may accept that on condition that…”, “Shall we follow-up bilaterally on these specific points?” are only a few useful expressions that will make your negotiations flow. Brace yourself for getting traction!

Arranging meetings and organizing events

Approaching high-level invitees, organizing roundtable discussions and keynote presentations, preparing a balanced program… these are only a few keys to create impact through your influential meetings.

+Extra module

Compiling analyses, op-eds, briefings, press releases

So much information, so many quotes that need not be included verbatim and several indispensable details to fit in such a little space, plus without tiring your reader… Gee! Use English for your advantage and fit everything in that one-page A4!

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