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The journalistic jargon, Compiling analyses and articles, Writing simply and precisely, Asking the right questions, Keeping the audience’s interest intact.



30€/h - 20€/h per person in a group

+Extra module 
-Keeping the audience’s interest intact +15€/h (either individual or group)

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The journalistic jargon

Journalism has its complex language to convey messages. Learn how to use it to communicate messages with simplicity, clarity, and success. Your audience will thank you!

Compiling analyses and articles

Writing is magical when we know how to flawlessly fit all the vital information we want to make publicly known in a cramped space. Don’t make it dull by following the beaten path!

Writing simply and precisely

“A vocabulary of truth and simplicity will be of service throughout your life” as Winston Churchill once said, and we couldn’t agree more. Learning how to write simply getting to the gist without lowering your standards is an essential skill that will lead you to success.

Asking the right questions

To get the right answers you need to ask the right questions, don’t you? Learn how to narrow down what you want to ask and embellish your words!

+Extra module

Keeping the audience’s interest intact

That’s the cherry on top of the cake! All you need is methods, embellished vocabulary, and the right grammar to keep all eyes on you. Enthrall your audience while conveying your messages successfully with this extra one!

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