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Expanding business vocabulary, Flawless email writing, Flowing meetings (organization and management), Negotiating with success.



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Expanding business vocabulary

You’ve always thought that using the grandiloquent phrasal verbs suffices, right? They sound sophisticated indeed. But surprisingly, that’s wrong! Using business language means passing on information in a concise manner. Thus, correct grammar and apt vocabulary need to be simpler but head-on, topped off with sprinkles of diplomacy.

Flawless email writing

There is specific language used in emails- there’s in fact a whole jargon out there! The right tone, subject, opening and closing remarks, attachments, CCs, BCCs, or OOOs and COBs are the keys to spot-on communication.

Flowing meetings (organization and management)

Which language do you need to organize a meeting? How does the chair open and manage meetings flourishingly? How do participants get to have the floor? There are specific techniques and language to be used with accuracy to get a meeting flow. And to follow up with the right minutes after it.

Negotiating with success

The art of negotiation is a skill learnt, and the right language is the means that will get you there! Right grammar, rich vocabulary and the right strategy and attitude are the keys to bring it off.

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