“Do you speak English?” For those who mean business, the question should be “do you communicate in English?”, and, “do you do it successfully?”.

Flowmore can promise that you will.  
In little time. With confidence.


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Our Programmes

We offer online programmes and services that we believe the 
rapidly changing world needs now more than ever.

Flowmore means English.  
To help our students we make it

crystal clear, case-sensitive, self confident

Crystal clear = We aim for transparency and effectiveness.         
Case-sensitive = We train on a mission to hone purpose-built skills.
Self-confident = We empower students and stimulate passion for learning.


Loving to support people like you, who want to work on or perfect their skills, advance and succeed, is what gave birth to Flowmore. We offer online programmes and services that we believe the rapidly changing world needs now more than ever. 

How do we do this? 

  • By exploring what goals you want to achieve 
  • By elaborating on valuable methods to fulfil your needs 
  • By strengthening your skills to make your dreams come true 

But we won’t stop there. We also set motivation goals, as they are so crucial to goal attainment! At Flowmore, we don’t just teach- we mentor you to learn and stay focused on your goals. Let’s get started- let’s Flow More!

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Our Services

At Flowmore, we don’t only provide you custom-made courses of English and business English that fit your needs. We also provide services that can boost your company’s interaction with the world. Are you an individual?   
That’s no problem either. We help you get out there and shine!

Alessandra (Italy)

“Before, I could understand and use some basic English, but I was always shy to use it in front of people. I did the Speaking and Writing skills programme and it was so useful! I learned many things I hadn’t known or that I had always said in a wrong way. The knowledge and the advice I gained helped my self-confidence too- I definitely suggest it!”

Marco (Italy)

“I wanted to apply for a job abroad, and then I found Flowmore. I enrolled in the Applications for Jobs programme and I got so much help and clarity over how to use English to present myself as a professional- I had never thought about all these details! Got the job finally- I absolutely recommend this course.”

Elena, Greece

I studied English when I was younger and I even got a C2 degree, however I felt that I could not use the language properly when I tried to speak in English at work. I did the Speaking course and Ioanna shared with me some super useful tips I started putting in practice immediately. The programme made me feel more confident and significantly helped me at work!


If you know English but every time you want to speak you tremble even at the thought of it, we’ve got you covered!

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Get ahead anywhere! Whether by choosing our General Business English programme or by narrowing down to your specific job sector, we assist you in communicating effectively to create new opportunities for growth and to build strong relationships. 

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Are you dreaming of getting aboard an academic journey or are you seeking to fill in job applications in English? We stand by your side! Having worked for many years with students and professionals, our team of skillful tutors has developed substantial experience in helping you succeed in your university applications or in landing your dream job! 

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Degrees & 

Demonstrate your English skills with industry-leading tests recognized by thousands of organizations around the globe. Empowered by our profound experience in English exams, we smoothly guide students to success. Ready to embark on an enjoyable and rewarding journey with us?

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