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Course overview

Make English second nature! At Flowmore, we work individually with our students through personalized online modules that help them speak the language effortlessly, with proper grammar, a sufficiently vast vocabulary, and above all, confidence.



21 hours (3 hours x 7 weeks) 
20€/h – 18€/h per person in a group

+Extra module
-Writing essays or analyses (+6 hours) 15€/h (either individual or group)

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Using formal and informal language

Formal and informal contexts require the relevant style of language. Learn how to discern the different styles and use the right one depending on the situation you find yourself in.

Proposing and negotiating

The art of negotiation is a skill learnt, and the right language is the means that will make you a master! Right grammar, rich vocabulary and the right attitude are the means to attain your goals.

Writing professional emails

Ohhh, this topic! So many professionals strive to convey their message, as even email writing requires principles of etiquette. The right grammar, vocabulary, the right tone depending on the relationship you have with the receiver of your email, but also cross-cultural understanding are keys to success.

Making successful presentations

The majority finds it difficult to keep their presentations short and sweet to enthrall their audience. Learning how to make a strong start while effectively communicating messages briefly and creating an interesting discussion at the end of your presentation is some lessons away.

+Extra module

Writing essays and analyses 

Compiling long pieces of writing needs specific techniques. The right structure and rich vocabulary to discuss/analyze/comment on any topic are some of our most favorite skills to pass on to our students!

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