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Describing products with flair, Expanding business vocabulary, Flawless email writing, Flowing meetings, Listening & negotiating with success.



20€/h - 18€/h per person in a group

+Extra module
-Rock your small talk!  +15€/h (either individual or group)

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Describing products with flair 

Using a language correctly and with confidence is the top means to help you get your message across- to show how amazing and how needed what you sell is. Knowing the right English (right tenses, verbs, and nouns, but mostly right adjectives and adverbs) will get you to the top!

Expanding business vocabulary 

You’ve always thought that using the grandiloquent phrasal verbs suffices, right? They sound sophisticated indeed. But surprisingly, that’s wrong! Using business language means passing on information in a concise manner. Thus, correct grammar and apt business vocabulary need to be simpler but head-on, topped off with sprinkles of diplomacy.

Flawless email writing 

How to start your sales email and how to finish strong? What to include and how to create a connection to your client or your prospective collaborator? That’s the part where you learn how to write emails that people will so much want to respond to.

Flowing meetings (organization and management) 

Which language do you need to organize a meeting? How does the chair open and manage meetings flourishingly? How do participants get to have the floor? There are specific techniques and language to be used with accuracy to get a meeting flow. And to follow up with the right minutes after it.

Listening & negotiating with success 

The ability to listen to the others and negotiate with them are skills learnt, and the right language and attitude are the means that will get you there! A full capacity to listen and speak alongside the right strategy are the keys to bring it off.

+Extra module

Rock your small talk!

Few people appreciate small talk and its power. “How can I approach that client? How should I present myself and what to talk about? Oh, I’ll never make it to booking that meeting with them!” are such usual thoughts of professionals who hesitate to make headway. Let us inspire you and show you the way!

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